Thursday, February 16, 2012

How the heck have you been?!?

Hello folks! It's been a "minute" since I've last posted. I've attempted a blog a few times. One time successfully writing three whole posts (2007) and another time or two where my attempts have been only in my thoughts, "...maybe I should write a blog?!" This time, I'm hoping my attempt is a bit more successful. A lot of folks blog and it's motivating me. Some people really have a lot of cool stuff to say, while others shouldn't waste the cyberspace with their thoughts. Either way, blogging can be a cool online journal of sorts! I'm assuming two whole people will read my blog: little momma and my bestie, Al. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your wholehearted support of anything I do! My purpose here is to share thoughts that I feel worthy of putting out there. They may be silly/funny, profound (well, let's hope!), or most likely, health related. I am very passionate about life and living the BEST version of yours possible. If this is only for me, momma, and Al, well then maybe I can help lend some inspiration to your day!

Here goes...again!