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I love being a girl! I love shoes and jewelry and nail polish and fun clothes and makeup...I LOVE being a girl! Getting dressed each day can be a total creative boost of self esteem if you allow it to be! My goal with my ensembles and my blog is to inspire myself and others to be creative and fearless fashionistas on a budget. While I love the big name designers and enjoy seeing each season's new collections from the runways, those items can't realistically make up MY closet. So, I find ways to feel great in what I'm buying and wearing on a small-ish budget! I think women can look fab whether it's Vera Wang...or Vera Wang for Kohl's!!

33 Random facts and confessions about ME!
1. I'm 33 years old.
2. I've been married to my love (Carlton) for a little over 7 years now, together for almost 11. No kids yet, but we're in discussions... ;-)
3.  We met at the gym when he accused me of stealing his machine. Please! He's a huge muscle man and I'm a little woman- we were NOT using the same machine. I liked his line though...

4. When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist...then a psychologist.
5.  I tried Vegemite once and was seriously nauseated but tried to hide my disgust from the hot Aussie who gave it to me.
6. I'm a museum nerd. I would probably go to any museum on anything. That's the learner in me! 
7. I'm an Army brat and have lived in: Alabama (born there!), North Carolina, New York, Kansas, VA, Texas, Germany, Kentucky...is that it?! Currently living in VA right outside of Washington DC.
8. I love cold, grey days in the fall. They are SO cozy and inviting!
9. My mom used to get me to take naps when I was ~3 by calling them "reading rests". We would plan to just read books and inevitably we would fall asleep. Brilliant! I still like taking reading rests and wish I could take MORE!
10. I love ethnic foods-Indian and Thai are my favs!
11. My dream job is to be a backup dancer or a landscaper. I can't dance and absolutely kill every plant I've ever been responsible for. Hence the title dream job.
12. I'm an only child and I have LOVED it! People also tell me that I'm a well adjusted, non-spoiled only. I'd like to think so! I think that is due to my army brat lifestyle- builds acceptance , selflessness, and open-mindedness.
13. When I was young I used to ask for a sibling...or a dog. You know, either one is cool!
14. Now we are parents to two furry daughters-on left Harri Mack (short for Harriet) and Coco (AKA the nugget)

15. I didn't know that I had curly hair until the summer before 8th grade when I went to Cocoa Beach to visit family friends and all my curls just popped out! Thank you FL humidity!
16. I LOVE movies! And I love all genres...I could go to the movies every day and be happy as a clam.   Thankfully Carlton loves them too!
17. Due to #16 The Oscars are like my Superbowl! I get SO excited and almost always cry when they announce Best Actor and Best Actress.
18. My mom and I run and do yoga together. She is my best friend!
19. I love brunch and bloody marys!
20. I've never broken a bone.
21. I love public speaking.
22. If it weren't so far from all of our loved ones, I would move to Hawaii in a heart beat. Seriously my favorite place that I've visited so far.
23. I have WAY too many magazine subscriptions. So many that I can't keep up...I subscribe to like 15 or something. Cooking, health/fitness, fashion, mind/body..oy vey!
24. I am so adamant about "reading the book" before seeing the movie that there are movies that I am still holding out to see because I have yet to read the book. Like seriously movies that have been out for a LONG time!... Water for Elephants, The Time Travelers Wife, The Hunger Games...to name a few.
25. I love "school supplies". Seriously I still get that thrill when Target puts the "back to school" section out in the summertime. I even buy the fun folders, pens and notebooks to use at work. Ha!
26. I really enjoy cooking and am always looking for new recipes to try.
27. Though  I consider myself a pretty good cook, I feel much more comfortable following a recipe than just being a mad scientist in the kitchen. I admire people who just throw stuff together successfully! I know I could without too much of a disaster ensuing, but I would rather go with a formula that someone else has perfected. ;-)
28. Watching the Food Network and Cooking Channel is some of my fav tv viewing!
29. Speaking of tv- I really enjoy Bravo-like reality TV. I can't stand shows like The Bachelor/ette or Survivor but I love Millionaire Matchmaker, The Rachel Zoe Project, It's a Brad Brad World, Top Chef, Kell on Earth, Gallery Girls, Project Runway (Lifetime network), etc. Can't stand the Real Housewives shows though...
30. My favorite charitable causes (and trust me I want to save EVERYBODY) are animals and veterans.
31. I LOVE the SATC (Sex and The City) franchise. I've been a loyal fan since the start of the HBO show and have loved (even when I've hated- SATC 2 I'm talking to you) every installment since. I am even enjoying the show The Carrie Diaries though I know it's meant for a much younger audience.
32. On that note...I LOVE NYC! My fav day in that city is just wandering around aimlessly with no plans and just taking in the sights, smells, people watching, finding yummy places to nosh. I LOVE it there! It has a great energy and feel to it.
33. I often think that I could easily be a vegan except for the fact that I love CHEESE! I could seriously give up all other animal products...I think...this is why I've only thought about becoming Vegan. It's a big commitment and I salute those who make this very mindful choice!!

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