Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Is That... Velvet?!?! that title in a husky/raspy, masculine voice with a NY (specifically Queens) accent! Name that movie line!!!! It's from one of my (thank to the hubs) FAV movies of all times...anyone anyone?! It's from "Coming to America". That part where they go to the barbershop in their very not NYC looking, royal attire and realize they need to assimilate a little more. When I wear this shirt I swear it photographs with a velvety look. It's NOT velvet, I promise. It's like a smooth, shiny (probably synthetic and not found in nature:-( ) fabric of some sort. Anyway, moving on. Here is today's ensemble:

Skinnies- Old Navy
Top-Old Navy
Shoes- Target
Belt- Kohl's
Necklace- ??? Kohl's??
Earrings- Lia Sophia

Quick one today all! Until tomorrow lovelies!

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