Monday, October 15, 2012

A Break in the Blue!

Since this is a random day without my blue uniform (SHOCKER!),
 I thought I would post my ensemble. It's still kinda warm-ish here so I'm stuck in that end of summer phase. As I've mentioned before, the camera that I use for this is so not great so my outfits really don't translate so well a lot of the time. This top is a light knit sweater with larger knit on the shoulders, but kinda looks like a 1980's mesh, tank top here. You know what I'm talking about! Gotta love it! :-) it's got a stripey kinda look too across the midsection as well, which you can't see.

NO, my sweater does NOT look like this in person!

At any rate, here is the breakdown...
Today's ensemble:
Panks- Old Navy
Sweater- Target
Necklace- H & M
Shoes- Nine West
Earrings- Kohl's

So... please don't give up on me. As soon as my fall season slows down. I'll go back to posting my daily outfits!!

Until tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

Love the look!! And the Hair!!
very chci!