Monday, October 1, 2012

Health Fairs= no fashion!

I wanted to put a little note out there to anyone who may be looking for updates. I've mentioned in previous posts that the fall is my busiest season with work. Since I work in corporate wellness, we have a "uniform" of sorts for our health fairs and flu shot clinics. My baby blue polo and khaki or black pants is what I live in for most of Oct and Nov. The past few days, I've had events so this is why I'm not posting. I don't think it will excite ANYONE to see this ensemble over and over and over again! ;-) I will focus more on getting my weekend wear on here, so that my audience will not tire or assume that I'm being lazy!

Instead of a pic of my outfit, I figured I would still share some wisdom. The main point of my blog is the fact that I enjoy finding affordable clothes that allow me to build fab outfits and still live life with a little pocket change. However, I was thinking this AM that even though I do call myself a "shoestring fashionista" it can still be a slippery financial slope. Instead of shopping a few times a year for key pieces, shopping can possibly become a more frequent "hobby". Yikes!!! I've come to the realization that even though I am a thrifty gal, I still probably spend too much! A little secret from me to you....things DO in fact add up even if they are on a great sale, marked down, you have a coupon, or are at a discount store like TJ Maxx. So, as I move forward with this blog and my friends and family inspiring me, I will strive to do two things before the year ends...end of the year resolutions if you will.

1. Set a monthly fashion budget (I know, terrible that I don't have one).

2. Pick key pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe instead of just mindlessly purchasing because I "like" something.

So, we'll see. I am posting this on the first day of the 10th month so I only have two months to go. I can do it! I have been crafting my "want" list in my mind. A few of the items on that booties (work or weekend appropriate), animal print flats, and the perfect crisp, classic white button down (like the unicorn of clothing- doubtful that it exists the way I want it to. I've never found one that fits right). These are items that I'll be looking for and if I find them (for a good price) I will allow myself to buy them.This will be much more purposeful than adding ten new cute tops just because...

I'll check in and let you know how I"m doing. This has certainly gotten me thinking about my "shoestring fashionista" ways...I can still enjoy finding great bargains and playing with fashion, but in a much more mindful way.

Until tomorrow...

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