Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trends Come and Trends Go...

I have a lot of clothes. That, we can all agree upon. You see, it really is the fashion world's fault!! Crazy thing about it is that trends come and go so quickly, but then they COME BACK! Like now, these fun patterned pants that we've been seeing on runways and everywhere else are back from a previous life! I remember having a few pairs of wild pants during my college years. Of course I gave them to good will when I looked at them after a while and thought "oh, when will I ever wear those again?!" The answer is NOW! I certainly can't keep every item in case said item comes back in, but there are certain pieces that I remember getting rid of and still kinda wish I had. A professional organizer's train of thought would be, "well, if it comes back in, you'll want the new version anyway, right". So true, but I kinda want the old one too! ;-)

Today's ensemble:

Pants- Old Navy
Tank- H & M
Cardi- Old Navy
Shoes- hard to see in pic, but they are my brown wedges you've seen before from Gossip on 23rd
Necklace- Jewelmint
Earrings- Kohl's
Belt- Kohl's

Until tomorrow...

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