Thursday, September 6, 2012

Work Pajamas!!

Do you ever wake up for work and literally feel like wearing your PJs  instead of a business appropriate outfit? And I don't mean like my cute nightgown pjs, I mean like department store, old man pjs pants with a drawstring and button up top. I usually only feel like this, a. when I 'm sick or b. in the cold, grey, depths of a harsh winter. I realized that each season kinda has its own work appropriate "PJs"! Today I'm wearing my summer version of work pajamas- the maxi dress. Sooo comfy and non fussy. All I had to do was pick a few accessories (pink flats, scarf and silver jewelry) and I actually look somewhat pulled together! However, on closer inspection you'll notice my red nostrils that come along with my second summer cold! Boo!!! Not sure why I've been so sickly the last month and a half. I think it's my body literally repelling summer. I'm SO ready for fall! Have I mentioned that yet?! Probably so. I'll have to figure out what the other season's summer pjs look like. I know winter- it's one of my cozy, chunky, cardigan sweaters (I have one in brown and one in grey), that I pair with work slacks and boots. Even though it's still work appropriate, wearing those sweaters make me feel like I'm one step away from a cozy fireplace and a cup o' hot cocoa! What are your lazy day work pjs?! If you don't have any, then you need to get some STAT! It can be just the coziness that you need when a sick day isn't an option!

Today's ensemble:
Dress- Old Navy
Scarf- Dana Buchman for Kohl's
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Kohl's
Bracelet- bday gift from a friend (thanks Lena!)
Watch- Swatch

So I'll be out of town at a family wedding in NC beginning tomorrow. I won't have the ability to upload pics and post over the weekend, but I will do that when I return on Sunday! I'll include day and night outfits! I still have to pack tonight so who knows what I'll be wearing! FUN!

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