Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Post NORA Project

So, it's no longer a "challenge", but more of a new way of dressing. I've begun to be more thoughtful about my closet, pairings, and...still a work in progress...purchases. Last month's challenge proved that I have TOO many clothes! This can lead to guilt, frustration, and actually wearing the same old stuff over and over! I have a lot more widdling down to do in the wardrobe dept, as well as a lot more creative pairing. I hope that my challenge will continue to inspire me and not just fade away. I took a break this weekend, but I plan to continue to capture my daily outfits here each day.

Today's outfit is made of a combo of repeats and "new" items. I did wear the shoes, watch, belt, and possibly the cardi. The pants are a newer purchase and I have been dying to wear them! I didn't wear them during NORA since I vowed to not wear anything that I bought that month. The shirt and earrings are alos "new", not to my closet, but to this blog. I'm hoping you'll still continute to follow me and be inspired to get creative with your wardrobe!

Today's ensemble:

It's really an ON banner ad! :-)
Pants- Old Navy
Shirt- Old Navy
Cardi- Old Navy
Belt- Target
Shoes-Elle for Kohl's
Bracelets- ?? Old and my FAV
Watch- Timex Weekender
Earrings- Lia Sohpia

Until tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

very fresh looking and comfy! Love the bold colors!!You are beautiful!