Thursday, November 1, 2012

Double Dose

 I'll let you guess which day I wore which outfit! Obviously, look #1 was my Halloween ensemble from work. I'm not much of a costume person (not bc I think I'm too cool, but bc I don't feel creative ENOUGH to really nail a good costume), so this outfit was fun and festive, yet still professional enough for a work day. I love this t-shirt from Target, that has been a part of my Halloween ensemble since I bought it three years ago. It stays in REALLY good shape since I only wear it 1x a year! HA HA! Look # 2 is the outfit I'm wearing today. I'm not totally in love, but I think it works. I had one of those uninspired morning dressings. Oh well, all in all I think it turned out OK. I do, however, LOVE my tights! I am so excited to be wearing tights and boots- one of my all time fav fashion combos! You may not be able to see the tight detail, but they are grey with 2 shades each of blue and green stripes! Some of my fav colors to wear all rolled up into one fun pair of tights. Also, the boots don't translate well color-wise. They look very brownish, when in reality, they are more grey-ish taupe. Neutral, but more of a cool neutral (grey-ish) than a warm neutral (taupe-ish). Since our fall has been very mild thus far (until we were hit with winter today- BAM!), I haven't been dreaming up fall ensembles just yet. I'm excited to take some time assessing the ol' wardrobe and coming up with some new combos for this new (and my favorite) season!
Halloween ensemble 10/31/12

Pants- H & M
T- Target
Blazer- H & M
Bracelets- Forever 21
Earrings- Bauble Bar
Shoes- Nine West

Dress- Old Navy
Jacket- Nord Rack
Tights- Target
Boots- Old
Necklace- Kohl's (Simply Vera by Vera Wang)
Earrings- Kohl's (Daisy Fuentes)

Boot and tight detail!
Until tomorrow....

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