Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Well, Christmas has come and gone, but we've still got some fun times ahead. To me, Christmas is right in the middle of the celebrating- NYE is around the corner and then my BIRTHDAY! YAY! So, two days at work, a relaxing weekend at home then another short work week with a new year beginning and my bday! Not too shabby. Then the "it's all over blues" sets in during the second week of Jan. It's ok though- I've got lots on tap to focus on. For one, it's resolution time- though I like to say "goals for the new year" and not "new years resolutions"...semantics! I'll share more of those in the coming month. Also, I plan to concoct another fashion challenge for myself for the month of Jan. I only have a few more days to cook something up, but I'll let you know on here. I need some winter fashion inspiration. It's so much easier and more fun to come up with creative ensembles in the warm weather. Even though I do LOVE layering and winter clothing, it's more about comfort than feeling super fashion forward. I've been trying to focus on adding some fun pieces, like today's sweater, that serve both fashion and function. It's totally warm, but the bright polka dot pattern brings some fun to a gray winter day. Any ideas on how I could challenge myself in January?!?! Let me know...

Today's ensemble:
Pants- Loft
Sweater- Old Navy
Blouse- Target
Earrings- Bauble Bar
Bracelet- gift from a good friend from Greece
Shoes- Can't see them- brown booties- BCBG from DSW

Until tomorrow...

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