Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lumpy Layers McGee!

I think the 32 degrees in April has me confused. I put this outfit together this morning and am still not really sure what I was going for. I'm fine with it, but it's not my fav. Meh. I like the idea of it, but not the execution. I think I hate this cardigan. Do you ever do that with your clothes/outfits?? You have them on this pedestal in your head, but they never look or lay the way you want them too?! I have layer envy. Never heard of it?? Well, I just made it up. I envy all those girls who layer up these cute outfits and nothing is lumpy, everything falls in the right place, you don't have to pull on parts or futz all day. Not me though. I suck at layering. I have no idea why. I have to pull at the sleeves, adjust the collar, pull the cardigan around that wants to curl and wrap around my back for some reason...UGH! So between the ensemble not quite turning out the way I thought it would and my layer suckage, it's just not a great fashion day for me. But, oh well...what do we call that... "first world problems"?! I'm hearing more and more about this term lately. Like, how can I complain about lumpy layering when I have a closet full of clothes and some folks don't have any?! OK, yeah, now I feel like an asshole...better stop while I'm ahead, eh?? Lumpy layers...OUT! Have a FAB day all!!

Today's ensemble:
Skinnies- Old Navy
Chambray shirt- thirfted in AZ
Cardi- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy
Necklace- Loft
Earrings- Kohl's
Watch- Timex Weekender
Until tomorrow lovlies...
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