Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fitting in Exercise at Work!

I was doing a fitness demo at work today for folks to fit in exercise while they work. So, I had to be biz casual but with movement potential. We told our participants that they could come in work attire, so I couldn't very well show up in workout clothes! What's a fashionista to do?! These comfy skinnies and top I can move in did the trick! I kicked off my wedges and we were on to chair squats, lunges, wall push ups and desk tricep dips. It was a good ol' time!
The rundown...
Pin ItSkinnies: Worn Jeans from Nordstrom
Tank: Old Navy
Top: Rubbish from Nordstrom
Shoes: Gossip on 23rd
Necklace and earrings: Calamarie Isn't it GORG!??!!! It's made of orange peels and some kind of nut. All the jewelry sold by Calamarie is eco-friendly and supports women artisans from Columbia! What an amazing company!! Please check them out for all of their gorgeous wares. Love their jewels and their owner, Catalina! XO Here's a closer look...Don't you want one?!?! I want them ALL! :-)

 Until tomorrow lovelies...


Allie said...

Best necklace ever! And I have the wedge bug again, shopping soon? Even though that's dangerous hahaha!

Jessy Mack said...

Yay! Thanks friend! YES- shopping soon...DANGER but Oh so fun! XO