Thursday, June 27, 2013

Better in Person?

You know how sometimes you see yourself photographed and think, "hey, I look WAAAAYY better in person"! Well, not to be conceited, but that is how I feel today.   I've gotten quite a few compliments too so I don't think it's just me! :-) My outfit didn't quite translate to the photo very well. Plus, I can never quite figure out how to pose to show my shoes in a maxi without just lifting the skirt up. Today I just took s separate foot shot to capture my multi-blue wedges. Anyway,  I'm enjoying my easy breezy maxi dress with fun, bright, summer-y blue ombre color! It makes me think of the Caribbean!Oh how I long for a beach bum vacay! Happy summer all!

Today's ensemble:
Dress- Old Navy
Jacket- Target
Bubble Necklace- Pick Your Plum
Bangle-?? :-(
Wedges- LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Until tomorrow lovelies!

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