Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fashion CPR!

I'm not in the middle of a challenge or anything, but I did happen to re-wear the same shoes I wore yesterday! They are one of my fav pairs and SO went with this outfit this AM. So, I thought "ehhh, what the heck?!" I'm also in one of my bizzare-o color loops where I tend to gravitate toward the same colors during a chunk of time. For the past few days it's been navy and red. Even over the weekend I wore my red and white maxi (I'll post a pic with my weekend outfit recap). Tomorrow I'll aim for something totally opposite like lime green or something. So, on to the Fashion CPR  title I gave this post. Today I am wearing another Dress Barn  find! I'd like to give that store an image makeover. They used to be such a fuddy-duddy store (yes, DB it's true) and now (some of) the clothes are much cuter and on trend, but I think may people avoid it like the plague sounds...tacky! What an awful name! Who wants to shop in a barn? I mean really?! So, your girl and I'll hook you up with a new name and image. It seriously needs to be refreshed. I bought a really cute polka dot blazer form there as well that I will wear soon (on a day that it is less than 90 out). Here goes...

Today's ensemble:
Dress- Dress Barn (and for 50% off! Score!!)
Shoes- Sole Society
Bangles- Bauble Bar/gift from friend
Necklace- Old Navy
Earrings- Kohl's

Have you ever given a store a second chance in hopes that it had been revived after a very dormant fashion era?! Check out Dress Barn- you won't be disappointed!!
Until tomorrow lovlies...
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