Thursday, May 2, 2013

They Don't Call Me Jessica Messica for Nothin'...

I swear, if I'm eating something, anything, it somehow is magnetically drawn to my clothing. Without FAIL! I can be as careful as can be, but something flings, falls, slaps, drops, plops or smears on my clothing. Usually right FRONT and CENTER on my top, but sometimes in a more inconspicuous area. What's really great is when I'm eating one of my fav Kashi granola bars when I'm driving to or from a work appt and one of the teeny tiny dark chocolate chips that are somehow loose throughout the whole darn thing falls between my legs without me noticing and then melts into my ass! Lovely, now it looks like I've had an itty bitty accident. Also, once said stain has occurred I try to get it out and have NO LUCK! EVER. Everyone else can get any old stain out- coffee, chocolate, red wine, etc, but me, nope! I've tried shout wipes, tide pens, using Dawn (the kitchen soap), water, club soda, etc...WHY!!!!??? They always stay put and then have that characteristic big stain circle around them, highlighting them even more! Sheesh...can't a girl get a break?! The reason for my self deprecating rant is that today's ensemble has been soiled by a lovely oil stain from the spring veggie pesto pasta I had at lunch. FABULOUS. Anyway, here's my look...let's turn this into where's waldo...can you spy the stain?! Good day all!!

Today's ensemble:
Skinnies- Old Navy
Blouse- Old Navy
Necklace- Bauble Bar
Bangles- gold from a friend and enamel from Bauble Bar
Earrings- Charming Charlies
Shoes- Just FAB (and THAT they are! LOVE THEM!)

Until tomorrow lovlies...
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