Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I LOVE ON Skinnies!

I was thinking about exactly how  many pairs of the Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies I have...the answer is A LOT! Here's a sampling of some of the outfits I've created with them. SO many! I wear them a lot so these are by no means all the ways I've worn them. They are SO versatile! I wear them to work quite a bit, out on the weekends running errands/hanging with friends, as well as a bit dressier to events like concerts! I just wanted to have a little fashion confessional to show you HOW MANY I own. LOVE them!!! P.S. I JUST ordered two more pairs (fuchsia and deep teal) since they are on a super sale ($19.00!!!) right now!

Literally the colors of the rainbow! Whoa! I've got two pairs that I just added (about a month ago) to the collection that are patterned. I will wear them soon! Super fun!
Until tomorrow lovlies...
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