Monday, May 13, 2013

Out With The Old and In With the New!

For some reason, these pants make me SO happy. The color, the fact that they are my FAV Old Navy Rock Star Skinnies AND the fact that they very closely mimic a pair of blue pants that I've had to let go of recently. They were stained beyond repair and even after the magic touch of my mom (the laundry whisperer- I always ask for her help with tough stains) they are not salvageable. Don't you hate when that happens? Something you love gets damaged and you have to get rid of it?! A pair of blue pants that I've worn several times on this blog, were damaged by oil soaked, parking garage rain. I thought, "no biggie, I can wash them". Uh no. You can't wash out oil mixed with rain from a pair of light blue pants. SO SAD! Oh well, out with the old an in with the new and similar, right?

Today's ensemble:
Skinnies- Old Navy (I'm Obsessed!)
Blouse- Old Navy
Shoes- Alloy (they have a wedge heel)
Bangles- Bauble Bar
Necklace- Kohl's
Earrings- Kohl's

Until tomorrow lovlies!!
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