Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Packing Light-ish....

I must say, this challenge is a great one to have while taking a trip. I'll be leaving the cold temps of the East Coast for AZ on Thurs and I am having an interesting time packing with my Take One, Pass It On theme! But it's a good thing because I usually WAY over pack! Like I have enough to get lost in the woods for a month (or more) when I'm going on a weekend trip (I also have a month's worth of magazines in my carry on, but that's another issue for another day!). Yikes! I still think I have way more clothes than needed, but it is helping me pare down a bit to have to repeat an item each day. Baby steps, right?!

Here is today's look- re-wearing my fun bib necklace from H & M!

Cropped pants- Old Navy
Tee- H & M
Blazer- H & M
Shoes- Kohl's
Necklace- H & M (redo)
Bangles- gift from a friend's closet purge
Earrings- boutique in hair salon

Until tomorrow...

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