Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wait...I'm a Normal Person?!

I realized when planning today's outfit that I've worn this top twice in a row since it's my repeat (so that doesn't count), but also once last month. For some reason, I was conflicted when realizing this. Is it too soon to wear it again?! Upon contemplation, I realized that normal people who have a normal amount of clothing and not a closet bursting from the seams actually do this! They wear things more than once. Now, I don't literally wear things once, but I do usually wait an absurd amount of time before re-wearing something. And since I've got a plethora of clothing to choose from, it's not that hard. I am not proud of fact, one of my fashion goals (with no set deadline) is to do this more. I know I have too much and I don't need it all. My goal is to downsize and really only wear what I LOVE and then get rid of stuff to make room for new treasures...which might mean repeating a top/pants/dress, etc in the same month! Gasp! I'm going for more of a quality over quantity thing here and it's long overdue. So while you all might not think "OMG she wore that top in January", I actually did and felt a bit like an ass. Here's to always working toward your goals and becoming a better person and fashionista. Cheers!

Yesterday's travel outfit (-->):
Jeans- Forever 21
Top- Old Navy
Blazer- H & M (repeated item)
Necklace- Chakras from Yogaville, VA
Earrings- Silpada
Boots-  Boutique 9 by Nine West

Today's ensemble (above):
Pants- Kohl's (Daisy Fuentes)
Top- Old Navy (repeat!)
Cardi- Target
Bracelet and earrings- Stella & Dot
Necklace- The Next Egg (boutique in Fairfax, VA)
Shoes- Boutique 9
Belt- Kohl's

Detail of today's FAB Stella & Dot bracelet!
Today's fun blue shoes! LOVE these and they MAY be repeated. ;-)
 Until tomorrow my lovlies!!!

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Kacie said...

I love your heels in this outfit! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo

Jessy Mack said...

Kacie! Yay- thanks for following my blog. I will be sure to follow you as well. :-) I'm new to this so I love the support!


new follower! i love your gallery but while i was looking at it, i was like 'wow! she has a lot of clothes!" and then you posted this and that you realized you have alot so that made me chuckle. i wear like the same 5-10 shirts all the time, but im a SAHM so ive got no one keeping track of how many times i wore xyz shirt. i am trying to amp up my clothes a little bit so im going to use some of your outfits as inspiration. have you ever thought of also adding the price of the items you wear?

Jessy Mack said...

Hi Stephanie!
Thanks So much for the message and for following my fun and silly fashion journey! :-) I am honestly trying to pare down and be more creative with less. I bet you can do a lot with your 5-10 shirts, right?! I love finding other people's blog posts that are like "30 outfits with 8 pieces"! I'm still a work in progress though...:-)
I have thought about posting costs as I know a lot of other budget fashion bloggers do this. I'd have to start with only new stuff though since some of my stuff I've had a few years and honestly don't remember the cost. :-( Great idea moving forward though- thank you!!