Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of Challenge?

I'm kind of sad that this interesting challenge is technically ending today. Especially since my previous two ensembles are not what I would consider to be fashionable. I'm posting my work outfit from yesterday- it's slightly different from the previous day's health fair outfit, but it still has the same vibe. Yesterday's event was in a gym so I went a little more sporty and less "camp counselor". Today's outfit was tough bc I realized I couldn't really repeat any of the clothes that I wore yesterday since I've got a lecture today. I was even looking at my capris thinking "can I wear these with boots?!"! Sporty to professional...oops! So,I kinda feel like a cop out but technically I'm not. I re-wore my earrings from yesterday today. That is my ending repeat....womp womp. Not exciting, but oh well. Thus is life, right? Sometimes you have to just finish and be ok with not coming in first. Though I enjoyed this challenge immensely, I'm kinda going out on a fizzle. Oh well...I'll have to jazz up my ensembles coming up since I don't have another challenge on the horizon. Also, I'm not sure about you guys, and if you've been following me for any time you'll notice this from my end of summer posts, but I get really bored with the current season's clothing as it is about to change. Now that I am REALLY ready for spring and so many of the fashion bloggers I follow live in one season states (CA, FL, AZ, etc!) AND the Feb/March fashion mags are all previewing spring fashion, all I'm seeing are the fun spring looks everywhere. ARGH!! So my new "challenge" will be to really try to have some fun with my winter clothes as the last few cold weeks pass me by. Instead of getting mad that it's cold and I want my toes out, I will try to wear outfits, layers, and shoes that I've passed over or haven't paired this season. Here goes...come on spring!!

Oh- one note on my ensemble today...The colors look off in the pic, but I swear they "go". :-) My boots are kind of grey-taupe and really pick up the grey in my skirt that you can't see. Also, my blazer is one that I forgot I had! Oops... it was at my mom's house. I love the small, blue pinstripes- that you also can't see, but also match some blue in my skirt. I'm really in desperate need of a new camera- any ideas fellow bloggers?! Sorry for the quality of the pic below- taken with my iphone last night. :-( Oy!
Ensemble breakdowns...
Wed 2/27/13 (bottom pic)
Capris- Old Navy (love their line of compression workout tights!)
Tee- work issued
Shoes- Asics, bought at Kohl's
Bangle- Bauble Bar- repeated item
Earrings- Kohl's

Thurs 2/28/13 end of challenge!(top pic)
Skirt- TJ Maxx brand- frenchi)
Tights- Kohl's
Boots- Old Navy
Tee- Old Navy
Blazer- H &M
Bangles- Pick Your Plum
Necklace- Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's
Earrings- Kohl's-repeated item

 I'm heading to the big apple tomorrow for a concert at MSG! Can't wait!!!!! I'll post my ensemble on Saturday...stay tuned.

Until tomorrow lovlies...
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