Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2- Scarfapalooza!

 You'd think I'd never wear khaki's since it's my health fair "uniform", but there are just some looks best completed by a good ol' classic...the khaki pant. I like these bc they are a little more chic since they are wide legged.  Also, there is just something that is perfect about the color combo of orange, navy, and khaki! Very all American or something. I love it! I've not shown my shoes since my pants skim right on the toe of them, but you'll see them soon! They are new- part of my Xmas goodies from the hubs. They are patent, blue pumps and I LOVE them! So...stay tuned.

Today's ensemble:
Pants-Old Navy
White t- Old Navy
Sweater- H & M
Belt- Kohl's
Scarf- Target
Earrings- Chicos
Bangles- Forever 21
Shoes (not pictured) Boutique 9 by Nine West 

Scarf detail

Until tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

OOOH La La!!! Love it!! So nicely put together!! I need a remedial scarf tutorial!