Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day!

Well...not yet, but snow is on the way. And it's my fav kind...just a dusting. Enough to be pretty, but not enough to cause mayhem (hopefully)! Getting dressed, I was in a cozy mood so skinnies, boots and a sweater, with my scarf of the day felt just right! I'm in the office all day, so I can be a little more causal. I'm having fun finding ways to tie scarves that are different. There are so many out there, but not every scarf ties so easily in the way they do in the tutorials; if it's too long, short, skinny, or fat, they don't look as perfect as they do online. Most days I try a few before I settle on one. Today's tie is an infinity tie. I LOVE it bc I don't own an infinity scarf. Lo and behold...I can make one myself!! So easy and adds to the coziness since it hugs up close to my neck keeping me warm all day!

Today's ensemble:
Pants-Old Navy
Boots- DSW
Sweater- Old Navy
Scarf- bday gift from Allie (thanks friend!)
Earrings- Charming Charlies
Watch- Michael Kors

Until tomorrow...


Carrie said...

Great pants! I just bought the same colour! Different store though
Style in the City

FashionEdible said...

I love those pants! The color is so vibrant!


Jessy Mack said...

HI ladies!!! Thanks for the blog "love". I'm kinda new to this world so thanks for stopping by! I look forward to following your fashion adventures too!