Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Cardi for January!

This is ALL I wore to work today! No coat, gloves, or hat. Ok, I never wear hats (hats do a real number on my curls!), but still! I am LOVING this random heat wave. Honestly ya'll, what I'm not loving is this challenge! I have to be honest...though I love scarves, I DO NOT want to wear one each day. I guess I've proven that I can, but I certainly am way over it! When I do another challenge, I'll have to do a better job of thinking ahead.  I've got 3 more days...technically, yes,  Jan ends tomorrow, but I added on two extra days- one for Jan 1st where I was in comfies all day and the second was for a sick day I had. Today's ensemble includes a bit of spring in my robins egg blue pants and my short sleeve peplum top! I hope that peplum sticks around for a while. I do love it! Sometimes I go overboard, buying multiple versions of something I love and when it's a fleeting trend that can be dangerous and expensive! I try to only buy one or two of the said trend and see where it goes. If it's around for a year or more, making its way into various seasons, then it's safe to expand a little. I did this with my bright skinny jeans collection. I will write a post on that soon and post several pics of my skinny ensembles. My collection has really grown as this tend is hanging on...and I LOVE it!!

On to today's ensemble:
Pants- Old Navy
Top- Elle for Kohl's
Cardi- H & M
Scarf- airport store Bijoux- something like that! ;-)
Shoes- Kenneth Cole
Bracelet- Bauble Bar
Earrings- Elle for Kohl's

Until tomorrow...

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