Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2- The NORA Project

Funny enough, as much as I love clothes, picking out an outfit in the morning can be especially challenging and groan-worthy to me. However, even though it's only day 2, I was excited to pick my ensemble this AM- and I even picked the main part of it last night. Even though this is meant to be silly fun, I think it might actually help me to be more proactive about getting my clothes together in advance thus saving me precious time and tears in the closet in the AM! One thing that I've thought about highlighting here and not on FB is the fact that I consider myself a bit of a budget fashionista! :-) Anyone who knows me, knows I love to shop...for a good bargain! Many folks can't believe that something I've put together is from places like Old Navy, Target, Forever 21! Well to me, that's part of the fun! However, there are some pieces (like jeans) that I just won't compromise on- higher end jeans make the bootie look SOOOOO much better! I know I could buy fewer pieces from really high quality brands (and I do have some of those of course), but I love being able to shop frequently and add new fun, trendy pieces to my wardrobe. I also believe that I style them in a way that highlights what looks good about them and may make them look more pricey than they are! I've never been about flaunting labels or the latest runway fashion anyway, but I think I can still stay on trend and not break the bank!

Today's ensemble:
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace and Earrings: Bauble Bar


Corn y Matt said...

Love that you added clothing info. You are an amazing budget fashionista!!

Tara said...

LOVE the dress! This is going to be so fun to see pan out!!

Jessy Mack said...

Thanks for your support girls!! Xoxo