Sunday, August 5, 2012

Straight hair and a summer cold

Day 4- UGH!
I can't just neglect the challenge, so I chose to do it...just a little bit less fabulously. I've been living in my version of  sweat pants this weekend. I've been under the weather with a cold, but feeling badly enough to really lay low and rest up for two days. So here are my Aug 4th and 5th ensembles. I'm in uber-comfy and not all that stylish outfits with absolutely no accessories or makeup. Although Carrie Bradshaw might disagree, when I'm home sick, I'm not rocking pearls! I've been barefoot all weekend as well, wearing plain black old navy flip flops for my very infrequent jaunts out into the world- these WILL NOT find their way back into my outfits for the next 26 days, I promise. So here goes...tomorrow I'll be back to something a little more festive and I'm gonna see if my straight hair will make it!
Sunday, day 5-A little yoga to kickstart my immune system!

Breakdown of fabulous sick wear:
Day 4- t-shirt: Old Navy, capris: Nordstrom
Day 5- ribbed tank:Old Navy, cozy terrycloth palazzos: Target

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