Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mixing Neutrals

I used to really be strict with my color rules...even for neutrals! Army green only goes with warm/brown hues and grey goes with black. However, lately I'm loving seeing army green as more of a neutral that can go with anything! I know some folks have been doing this for years, but I'm just starting to like it (maybe?) or be willing to try it myself for whatever reason (more likely). I also paired some more of the brown-leaning accessories with my black polka dot dress. Where I would usually stick to the cool shades- royal blue, fire engine red, brilliant purple, I decided to allow a little bit of fall into my ensemble with orange and goldish shoes. Hard to tell in the pic, but my earrings have gold interwoven into them as well. Overall, a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm liking it. I'm also enjoying being able to go a little more casual this summer. As I've mentioned before, I'm very fortunate to have a pretty chill office. I don't think it'd be as much fun if all I had to pull from were black slacks, pencil skirts, and button downs.

Today's ensemble:
Dress- Kohl's (random brand, not one of my favs)
Jacket- Candies from Kohl's (this gem I found in the ...shhhh...junior dept!)
Earrings- Dress Barn (hey, they've come a LONG way! Every now and then I walk by one and see something cute that catches my eye. I've even bought a couple of really cute work dresses from there!)
Shoes- Some shoe outlet at the beach- Rack Room maybe?
Belt- Kohl's

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the color contrast!! You have a real flare for accessorizing with great color!! You look sassy and fun yet very professional! I the dress sleeveless?