Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The classics are the best!

Don't you just love classic clothing items like black pants?! Sometimes they can seem like such a boring go-to, when in reality they are a totally blank canvas. The clothing world is their oyster and you are the curator of possibility! The challenge with black pants is to liven them up with colors and accessories. I began dressing this morning in shades of gray (maybe bc I'm reading the last book in a trilogy of the same name OR the fact that it is a bleak, gray day?!). Then I looked in the mirror and thought, "eh, pretty cute", but I am no longer ok with "eh, pretty cute". I now look in the mirror and ask myself "how can I liven this outfit up and make it more fun?" It's usually a lot easier than you think. Keep the basic items the same (I was already wearing a cardi and belt), and swap them out for something with a little more zing! I kept the gray tank and added some fun color! Now I feel so much more energetic and ready to tackle today's rainy Tuesday. The next time you pull out an old, but favorite classic, try to breathe new life into it!

Today's ensemble:
Pants- Kohl's (Daisy Fuentes)
Tank- JC Penney (I Heart Ronson)
Cardigan- Old Navy
Shoes- Nine West
Belt- Old Navy
Jewelry- bracelet & earrings- Kohl's, Watch: Timex Weekender

Until tomorrow...

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Allie said...

You're also giving a shout out to your college!! :)