Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home Stretch...

Only three more days to go! This challenge has been fun and well...challenging! I still have loads of clothes in my closet that you haven't seen this month BUT the most challenging thing about this challenge has been to not repeat ANYTHING. OK, I know you're thinking, "but that was the whole point", yes, yes it was. However, there are some things that I have no problem not repeating in a month such as tops or dresses. There are a few items that I've found particularly tough to not repeat: bottoms and accessories! I have my fav jewelry and belts that I've been sad to not wear more than once this month as well as a few pairs of fun shoes. Especially being that this is (kinda) the end of summer, I may not get to wear a lot of these shoes for a while. At any rate, the end of my NORA challenge is closing in on me. I am trying to think of what to challenge myself with next. Enjoying this so much, I will continue to try and dress in a more inspired way each day. Here are what I've come up with so far for my September challenge...
1. Wear only what I wore this month, but in different combos
2. Continue on with The NORA project as is (may not be possible as I have a LOT of health fairs coming up)
3. Continue an abbreviated version of NORA- not repeating any outfit, but allowing myself to repeat components (i.e. shoes, bottoms, earrings, etc).
4. Say to hell with it and just get dressed every day in whatever I want...NNNAAAAHHHH!

I think I'm leaning toward #3. What do you think I should do for September?!

Today's ensemble:
Dress- LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Shoes- Old Navy
Cardi- Target
Belt- Old Navy
Earrings- Chicos

Until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS summer look! I really like the colors and pattern - zippy, zaggy!!
I vote for option 3 as well. Your new Blog is great and a super combination of fun with wonderful suggestions and useful tips!



i love this outfit! you need a "shop my closet" tab and you could sell what you want to get rid of, like Lauren at From My Grey Desk blog.