Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun with color!

 Oh la la...I'm LOVING my newest Bauble Bar purchse...not to worry I acquired it before the challenge started. As an aside...I haven't mentioned this, but I thought it would be unfair and ruin the integrity of the challenge if I allowed myself to shop and add new pieces during the month of August. So, even though I might be rocking something new, it hasn't been purchased during the month...girl scouts honor! Anyway, back to the necklace...what a fun statement piece! Sometimes you just have to go for it with something big and bold. This necklace is that! Sometimes I build an outfit around an accessory...actually a lot of the time. I adore accessories...from top to I use them as inspiration when my clothing seems lackluster. I have been wanting to wear this necklace, but not sure how. What better way to showcase it than during my NORA challenge! This is obviously not something that I'll want to repeat very soon so it's perfect! If you're feeling a lack of dressing inspiration, instead of looking to pants or shirts, look to your jewelry, shoes and scarves. You never know where your new inspiration will take you!
Today's ensemble:
Dress- Elle for Kohl's
Shoes- Sole Society
Necklace- Bauble Bar (no earrings or bracelets today as the necklace was quite enough jewelry!)

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Anonymous said...

MAGNIFICANTLY FABULOUS!! You are the ultimate fashion lady!!