Friday, August 3, 2012

Rules of Blue

I just LOVE the carefree birds on this necklace so I had to show you the up close detail!
 Day 3...I'm realizing that the first three days of this challenge have me feeling blue...well, wearing it! Not sure why! I do own many more color palates than blue, but I have had a penchant for navy lately. Funny because I used to not really love it nor know how best to wear it. I don't do well with rules so once the whole "navy as a neutral" thing started I was MUCH more comfortable pairing it with whatever I felt like. I especially love wearing it in the summer paired with white! So classic and a touch nautical. I know technically the rule "no white after labor day" is not enforced anymore ;-) but, I still prefer to wear my white between May and August! Being that it is Friday, I figured I'd don my white jeans and fun, breezy, top today.  Here is the breakdown for today's items:

Top-Old Navy
Jeans: Nordstrom (Kut )
Shoes- Payless

Are you holding on to fun summer clothes and waiting for the perfect moment to wear them? Why isn't today perfect? Don't let the summer months pass you by having not worn all of your sundresses, wedges and tanks! If your work is slightly more relaxed than the traditional biz-casual attire, bring some of your weekend wear into the office. Happy dressing!!


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