Monday, August 20, 2012

In the Fall, I Live For My Watch!

Anyone who knows me knows that this is pretty much what I look like Sept-Nov. It is our busiest time of year with fall health fairs and flu shot clinics. I try to vary my outfit as much as possible, with different khakis, sneaks, and jewelry, but I always ends up looking like this. It is easy during those cold fall/winter mornings when I don't have to think of an outfit, but when I see everyone else in their fun fall fashion, envy sets in. Oh well, by the time everyone is sick of fall/winter clothes, I'm just getting started!!
Today's ensemble:
Shirt- who knows- ordered through a vendor at work
Capris- Old Navy
Shoes- Nike
Earrings- Charming Charlie's
Watch- Swatch (You can't tell, but the Swatch is a super cute clear and "VHC blue" polka dot watch. Per the title, in the fall, I live for my watch (and fun earrings) as they provides me with a bit of zing with an otherwise "bust" of an outfit.)
Earring detail! LOVE Charming Charlie's!

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